1 7313828 Method and apparatus for protecting software against unauthorized use
2 7313792 Method and system for servicing software
3 7313783 Generic management software application for all industries and method thereof
4 7313782 Method for distributing, integrating, and hosting a software platform
5 7313730 Configuration logic for embedded software
6 7313588 Locally executing software agent for retrieving remote content and method for creation and use of the agent
7 7313577 Generating difference files using module information of embedded software components
8 7313564 Web-interactive software testing management method and computer system including an integrated test case authoring tool
9 7313512 Software license enforcement mechanism for an emulated computing environment
10 7310801 Servicing a component-based software product throughout the software product lifecycle
11 7310798 Simulator tool for testing software in development process
12 7310735 Method, system, and program for distributing software between computer systems
13 7310519 Wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication network and software upgrading method
14 7308686 Software input/output using hard real time threads
15 7308393 Hardware and software co-simulation using estimated adjustable timing annotations
16 7307958 Tunnelling wireless voice with software-defined vocoders
17 7307908 Software refreshed memory device and method
18 7305710 Method for securely loading and executing software in a secure device that cannot retain software after a loss of power
19 7305673 Count system for a number of peripheral devices and for a user-number of software, and royalty settling system
20 7305670 Method of installing software on storage device controlling apparatus, method of controlling storage device controlling apparatus, and storage device controlling apparatus
21 7305669 Software upgrades with multiple version support
22 7305564 System and method to proactively detect software tampering
23 7305559 Software method for improved password entry
24 7305491 Techniques for handling time zone changes in personal information management software
25 7305254 System and method of software transfer between a mobile phone and a mobile phone accessory
26 7305240 Method and system of network management software architectures for mobile broadband wireless networks
27 7305021 Real-time software receiver
28 7302707 Systems and methods for detecting software buffer security vulnerabilities
29 7302677 Event driven graph explorer for model-based testing of software
30 7302669 Method and software for generating enable and data input signals for flip-flops used for implementing logic functions on programmable logic devices
31 7302567 Technical facility having software stored on a computer of the technical facility
32 7302533 System and method for optimally configuring software systems for a NUMA platform
33 7302350 Selection of software and hardware functions with a force/torque sensor
34 7301482 Circuits, architectures, systems, methods, algorithms and software for conditional modulation coding
35 7299450 Undoing changes in a software configuration management system
36 7299366 Secure software customization for smartcard
37 7299157 Event analysis system, method and software
38 7298881 Method, system, and computer software product for feature-based correlation of lesions from multiple images
39 7296260 System and method for composing a multi-lingual instructional software
40 7296259 Processor system with cache-based software breakpoints
41 7296258 Software management systems and methods for automotive computing devices
42 7296197 Metadata-facilitated software testing
43 7296189 Method, apparatus and computer program product for implementing autonomic testing and verification of software fix programs
44 7296007 Real time context learning by software agents
45 7295693 Methods and software for self-gating a set of images
46 7293213 Method for detecting software errors and vulnerabilities
47 7293201 System and method for active diagnosis and self healing of software systems
48 7292990 System and method for software development
49 7292727 Electronic ink as a software object
50 7292013 Circuits, systems, methods, and software for power factor correction and/or control

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